Video selections of some important dates in SBA history

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Video link A steamboat rally held on the Beaulieu River in 1971 which led to the formation of the SBA
This event was filmed by Derrick Mills using 16 mm film, but has no event sound

Video link An SBA event on the Beaulieu River in 1974 which was featured on BBC South TV "Getway" series. One of the first films of an early SBA rally, with the steam harbour launch HSL376 crossing the Solent plus many other steam launches at Bucklers Hard on the Beaulieu River playing games.

Video link This news film was taken by Southern TV in 1978 of the 1866 steam launch Waterlily following restoration work by Vosper Thornycroft. Waterlily is now a static display at the Falmouth Maritime Museum. The engine currently fitted was built by Thornycroft and the boiler built by J.O. Lugg but are not original, see SBA register for more details.

Video link A video compilation of the SBA 21st celebratory Thames rally of 1992. Includes the SBA fleet parade at Windsor, using the Eton College boathouse pontoons. The event was attended by 60 steamboats, which were moored overnight at Bray Marina

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The SBA International Rally on Windermere 1996, celibrating the 25th anniversay of the SBA.

A selection of steam launch training Videos

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Video link

Preparing Consuta for operation. This shows how to lay a coal fire, oil and warm up the engine ready for operations. Note this is a Youtube link so may have adverts, to be replaced in future.

Video link Robin Sims made a record of the building process's involved in making a small refurbished boiler for Elidir.

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